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Summertime is my favorite for its carefree essence.  The fact that winters are just a *little* long here in Buffalo might play a role in my soft spot for the heat, too.  Whatever the reason may be, what I'm trying to say is I like the heat, which is good, because it has been hot, hot, HOT!  That being said, finding an easy summer #ootd and beauty routine makes all the difference!  So, I decided to share with you guys some items I've been loving, and that have been making the sun a little more fun!  A couple of the products are drugstore (hooray for affordable finds) and the others showcase local businesses, something I am very passionate about!  Hope you enjoy!  You can click the images to shop/find more information: 


1. Wrap skirts, er, wrap everything.  

The wrap style is major right now.  We're talking wrap tops, dresses, and, my current fave, the wrap skirt.  This style looks good on literally everyone.  For real!  Just try one for yourself.  I fell absolutely in love with these Look by M wrap skirts because they are one size.  This makes summer mornings easy, breezy.  They look so pretty with a nice blouse (or we recommend the Kate Bodysuit) and heels for date night or over your suit at the beach.  On top of it all, when summer is over, throw your wrap skirt on with a slouchy sweater and boots and you can carry her into fall!  




2.  Jergen's Wet Skin Moisturizer

If you hate spending time on your beauty routine like me, this is the stuff for you.  Like the wrap skirt, it's just easy!  The coconut scent is really light and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.  If you dry out your skin due to chlorine, sunshine, and sea salt in the summer, I recommend giving it a try!  Just make sure you're always lathering up in SPF, too (and reapplying).  



3. Natural Tech by Davines Renewing Shampoo 

I have to admit, I usually just use drugstore shampoo and conditioner (I know, I know).  However, I recently tried this bad boy out am loving it!  My naturally wavy hair feels a lot lighter, cleaner, and in result, looks a lot more defined.  This renewing formula is also great for the summer months, when you need to detox your hair of all the extra products you've used in attempt to tame the mane.  You can snag this at Groom Service, located inside of Hotel Lafayette.  




4. Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder 

This keeps my skin so clear!  In the heat, the last thing we want to do is layer on makeup.  This powder gives me just enough coverage, has a natural finish, and keeps blemishes at bay.  Again, just make sure you're also using a product with SPF!  



5. 100% Pure Nail Polish 

Everyone likes to have a nice pedi in the summer.  This polish is great because it's free of the main chemicals most polishes contain.  Besides being healthier, it's a great polish.  It goes on super smooth and lasts.  You also only need one coat!  Win-win. I picked mine up at Beauty Organix, a local organic beauty store in East Aurora.  




Thanks so much for reading about a few of my summer favorites!  I really enjoy writing and getting to share a little bit of my personality.  Feel free to comment and let me know what blog posts you'd like to see next or ask any questions!  

XX Tori 

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